AWS Lean Cloud Beanbag Session - Taiwan

Organized jointly by AWS and e27
Update: The event will be conducted in English.

Be Mentored/大師教學:

From an idea to the business model to a product to the sales process, the AWS Bean Bag sessions will facilitate entrepreneurs to learn more about Lean Startup concepts and use cloud more effectively.

從一個簡單想法到產品的誕生,至銷售過程等商業模式,Amazon Web Services 分享會將與創業家分享精實創業的過程,並更有效地使用雲端科技。

Bean Bag Sessions/討論分享會內容:

What is a startup? How can it be successful? What are the pitfalls, the mistakes to avoid? How does this apply to the development of software, applications, or services? What's the Lean Startup concept, and how can a startup embrace it?

These concepts are vital for the success of a new venture, and this is why we are going to share our knowledge and experience with you during our Bean Bag session. Because money and mentoring can be critical along your journey, VCs and Incubators will join these sessions to share their tips.

什麼是創業? 怎樣才可以成功呢? 哪裡有陷阱,怎樣避免錯誤呢? 這些概念如何應用至軟體,應用程式,等開發? 到底什麼是精實創業的概念? 創業家可以怎麼將精實創業的理論發揚光大?


Why You Should Attend/為什麼你必需參加:

Launching a startup can be challenging. AWS has been working with startups since its inception and has learned best practices that will be shared during the Bean Bag session while providing business knowledge on Lean Startup, business model and cloud technology.


Who Should Attend/適合什麼樣的人參加?:

This session is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in launching a new business, or for technical people interested in knowing more about the Lean Startup concepts, and Lean Development. The session is also a good preparation for future technical sessions on Amazon Web Services.

本次分享會完全是為了各位創業家所設計。更歡迎對創業有興趣的朋友們參與、了解更多精實創業的概念與實際應用,更可以了解Amazon Web Services的技術發展。

Speaker: Simone Brunozzi

Simone Brunozzi is Amazon Web Services' Technology Evangelist for Asia Pacific (APAC). He is a truly passionate technologist. After being an entrepreneur, a professor, a CTO, and after writing two technical books and two novels, he joined Amazon.com in March 2008 in the role of Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist for Europe, to raise awareness about Cloud Computing and help developers build applications. In January 2010, Simone Brunozzi relocated to Singapore, becoming the first AWS Technology Evangelist for the APAC region. In 2010 he received the "2010 Cloud Evangelist of the Year" award.Since 2008, Simone has been a very popular speaker in Europe, United States, Asia, Oceania and Africa, speaking at more than 400 events (and collecting a huge amount of airline miles). Simone is regularly invited as a speaker to conferences all around the world.


2:00pm - Registration/ 报名
2:30pm - Event Commences/ 活动开始

Part 1: From Zero to Startup/第一階段: 從零開始
Vision 願景
Market research 市調
Business model; Minimum Viable Product (MVP); Business Model 商業模式;(MVP)最小可行產品;商業模式藍圖
Pivoting 轉形
Outsourcing 外包
Partners and Ecosystem 夥伴和生態
Marketing 行銷企劃
Sales 銷售
Media and PR 媒體和公關
Scaling and going global 版圖與擴張
Fundraising 籌款
Launching 發表

Part 2: Lean Cloud 第二階段: 企業雲端化
What is Cloud Computing 何謂雲端程式
Amazon Web Services
Business benefits of Cloud 雲端科技實益
Examples 實際案例分享

地點: 犇亞國際會議中心 ( 台北市105松山區復興北路99號6樓)

日期: 7/8/2012

時間: 2pm – 6pm

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Tue Aug 7, 2012
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM JST
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